Thanks to Skroo Lucy for this second donation of patches.  As always it's greatly appreciated, and they now have an honored place in my collection.

Shotgun Mike was kind enough to send me these patches from this year's Smalltown Smackdown.  Thanks so much for your "patch care package".  They now have an honored place in my collection, and I'll be posting them on this website shortly.

I recently made patches for the "Folk Slav" roller derby sevens tournament in Warsaw.  Monika was kind enough to send me this lovely note and patch after the event.  Thanks, Monika!  It now holds an honored place in my collection.

What can I say?  You said very kind things and sent me a patch.  I'm very grateful for you doing so.  (And I hope you enjoyed the Legion of Doom patch I sent you.)

I've got a slew of thanks to give out, and I know I'm not going to remember them all.  So let me start with an apology for anyone I miss over the next few day.  BOTAS was extremely busy and people were handing me all sorts of patches for my collection.  After while it became impossible to remember who was handing me what.

I do remember distinctly that Jason Singer sent along two 2013 WFTDA Playoff patches (Richmond and Asheville).  Burger presented me with four Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Roller Radicals patches, including one I'd never seen before.  Thanks to both of you.  These now have honored places in my collection, and I'll be uploading some new pictures of a couple of those patches onto this site in the next few days.

More thanks to others coming soon.

Being a truly horrible person, I didn't check my derby e-mail box very well during the pandemic.   Retiring as a ref didn't speed it up either.

So it was with great surprise I found an e-mail from Randy with Patch Patrol, a website similar to this one that tracks patches about the Portland (Oregon) area soccer teams, Timbers and Thorns.  I was absolutely stunned to see how many patches there were.  As of two years ago when he wrote me (I did say I was horrible for not replying sooner), he had 1,400 patches on the website.  I'm sure it's even more by now.

So if you live in the Portland area, are a fan of soccer teams, or even if you'd just like to see another website doing something fun, give it a looksie.

Thank you for the Bridge City Riot patch.  It's a wonderful addition to the collection.

It is wistful sadness I report that my friend Lindsey (aka "Butt Force Trauma") has retired from roller derby.  She was, is, and hopefully always will be a bright, cheerful, and ever-thought provoking woman who mixes solemnity with humor in a joyfully unpredictable style. Whether it be Hot Dirty Sponges or Croptop Gangbangs (don't ask), she is a friend whose presence will not be easily replaced.  I thank you for the gift of your patch collection, Trauma, and wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your graduate education.

Thanks as always to Leif (aka Foxx Tank) for his never-ending gift of patches from his area.  I owe you one, my friend.

A special shout-out goes to Foxx Tank from Kassel Roller Derby for his help in identifying this 2013 patch from Stuttgart Roller Derby.  I had failed to identify this one on my own, but by working together we were able to figure this one out.  There are still more unidentified patches.  Help in identifying them is always appreciated.

I'm overdue on this one.  A couple of months ago Bling & Andy were kind enough to send me a care package of patches.  I wasn't working on the website at the time, so in my not-so-infinite wisdom I didn't write down which patches they were.  I know one was a patch for the 2015 Besterns and another was for the 2015 JRDA Workd Cup.  There were several more as well.

So apologies to the two of you that I don't have a nice photo of your patches to go along with this.  But know that I am grateful for your contribution, and that I have not forgotten how pleased I was when I opened the package.  It was an unexpected treat.

Just a heads up on some of the patch pictures this site is missing.  I'd be very grateful if you'd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pictures of any of the following.

Note: Even years after this post I'm keeping this list up-to-date, so if you see it on the list then I still need it.

Missing patches

  • Wild West 2013 (officiating version)
  • Spring Roll 2011 (event)
  • MRDA 2017 EU Qualifier (event) patches

Missing WFTDA Patches

  • 2019 North America East Continental Cup (event) patch
  • 2019 Playoffs in Winston-Salem (event) patches
  • 2018 North American Continental Cups West (event) patch
  • 2016 Playoffs in Madison (event) patch
  • 2015 Playoff in Jacksonville (event) patch
  • 2012 Champs (event) patch
  • 2012 South Central (officiating) patch
  • 2010 South Central (officiating) patch
  • 2009 East Regional event (event) patch
  • 2008 Western Regional (event) patch

After long thought, I'd decided to merge this website and my collection into a single history project.

I have several  hundred patches in my personal collection.  During any other year, the rate of new patches being released would be as fast or faster than I can acquire them.  Even if I had the budget to buy those available sale (and I don't), there are many patches that money can't buy.

This is where you come in.   I'm asking for donations of patches -- I've always asked for donations, but I'm doubling down now.  I'm asking for donations of derby patches to the history project.  In return I promise that someday upon my death they will be bequeathed to a suitable roller derby history project.  In that way our leagues, events, and accomplishments in the sport can live on in some small fashion long after all of us are gone.

I'll accept donations of any patch.  Even those I have are welcome -- I can trade them with other collectors for ones not yet in the collection.  But if you prefer donating only those I don't have yet, I'm happy to work with you to identify which patches you can donate I don't yet possess.)

All I can offer in return is my thanks, a shout out on this website, and the knowledge this collection will serve to preserve an aspect of roller derby for future generations to enjoy.

As always, my address is:

Stephen Lorimor
50 Springholm Drive
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

I haven't been updating the site, in part because I founded Patches by Stevil, my own company to manufacture roller derby patches.  After six long months on my business I've finally caught up on enough work I'm able to return to working on several other projects, most notably this website.  So for the foreseeable future I'll make an effort to upload at least one new patch every day, and preferably more like five.  The folks over at the Roller Derby Patches group on Facebook have continued to post so many new and interesting patch pictures that I've got months work of daily uploads for this site.

A special shout out to Foxx Tank for sending me all these wonderful patches.  Some of these are new to this site.  I'll be uploading these and a slew more over the Christmas holiday week.  I've got seven days with little to do, so I'm going to spend them doing a lot of work on this website.  Watch for these and tons more patches to be added then.

Patches have brought me closer to a number of people since I've started collecting patches.  One of these is are Yvel Saint Laurent, whom was kind enough to send me this patch from the 2019 MRDA European Qualifier.  His kindness is appreciated and I am most grateful for his gift and his friendship.

Dinotello TR2 was kind enough to send me this care package of Australian leagues.  As an American I find Australian derby patches to be "exotic" in nature, and was pleased to look at these closely.  I was especially excited to look over the United Brisbane back patch.  It's a real beauty that saw some very careful crafting.  Thanks you, friend.

A special thanks to Shotgun Mike for his donation of these two patches.  They're actually very nicely made which motivates me to learn to better digitize designs so I can make better patches in the future as well.  Having lived in four years, I'm also partial to the animated stalk of corn.  Thanks so much!

Thanks to Sector, one of Argentina's finest referees, for gifting me these two patches from Alianza Rebelde (Rebel Alliance) Roller Derby.  I saw the original Star Wars in the theater as a child, so it's wonderful seeing two of my loves in life merge: science fiction and roller derby.  Thanks also to PackMan for delivering these patches via "derby mail".

Thanks to Yvel Saint Laurent and Sparks Mae Fly for gifting me these two patches.  The first is the 2019 Eastbourne Extreme tournament.  The other is the crew ribbon, "Crew Yvel-Sparks", which was given to members of their crew at the tournament this year.  I've learned to make embroidered patches, but these were done with micro-embroidery, a form of patch-making that I know little about.  Thanks for much for making these available to me.

Miss Trial gifted me this rare patch -- the first and only from the Men's Roller Derby Coalition, the organization that predates the Men's Roller Derby Association.  It's a precious piece of derby history, almost as important to preserve as the sentiment in your letter.   Thank you both for the pens, the patch, and your never-failing kindness.

Thanks to my friend and fellow referee Jenn U. Whine for these wonderful patches from Flat Track Fever.

I want to give a shout out to Deb Crush from Mohawk Valley Roller Derby for the gift of the 2018 MRDA North American Qualifier patch.  Thanks so much!

My friend and fellow referee Wreckordian unexpectedly sent me these two patches.  Thanks, Wreck!  Coastal Chaos is a great event and I'm pleased to add these to my collection.  Muchas gracias!

Thanks to Danger Muffin for emailing a slew of pictures of new patches, including this patch from the 2011 Battle of the Coast tournament.  I've been trying to identify it from the world's crappiest photo and his detailed scan finally allowed me to figure it out.  We've still got a few more unidentified patches if you'd like to do a bit of sleuthing as well.

I want to offer my thanks to WifeOpathic Signals and Sour Kraut for each donating a patch to this project.  Your kindness is both noted and appreciated.

Thanks to the Palouse River Rollers for sending me their "We Are PRR" patch.  Contributions like yours reinforce the time and energy I put into this website.

Thanks to Foxx Tank from Kassel Roller Derby for supporting this site with the gift of your Bashlorettes patch and two stickers.  German patches are considered "exotic" by New Jersey standards, so this is a wonderful addition to my collection.  Thank you!

Thanks to Beatrix R. Forkids for identifying this ambiguous patch as containing the logo of the Los Angeles Derby Dames' Enforcers (officiating crew).  We still have other patches needing identification.  Take a look through them and see what you recognize.

Thanks to Kurz So Good for confirming the Barcode Bandidos patch is from Saskatoon Roller Derby League's referee crew.  We still have patches needing identification.  Take a look through them and see what you recognize.