These are pictures of likely derby patches that require identification.

This was on the jacket of a derby ref.

This is obviously a derby officiating group from Alaska, but I've been unable to pin down the details.

I've seen this logo in various places but someone obviously had it made into a patch. I'm guessing a league out there repurposed it, probably in Ontario since the patch below it is "The Fresh and the Furious" tournament patch from 2015.  It might have been a one-of-a-kind patch made by an individual though. More info is appreciated.

A derby official acquired this patch but no longer remembers from where received it.  They thought it might have been from 2010-2012 and from the American Southeast, but acknowledge they might be totally off on that.  It appears to be a Crew Patch of some sort, given by an official to members of their crew.  Alternately, it could be the name of a league's officiating crew.