These are patches for or about officials that are (usually) not related to a specific event.  Use of the words "referee", "NSO", and "official" is intentional.  If I misuse a word and in so doing incorrectly label or describe a patch, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a correction.

The 19th Wardens are the officiating crew of Roc City Roller Derby.

This is one of the neatest patches I've seen.  It was was created by Justa Maniac with Adelaide Roller Derby to celebrate their officiating crew's travels in 2013.  The blue is a map of Australia, with the star being their home city.  The colored lines emanating from the star represent their travels around the country to various derby events.  The busy black area in the Southeast is the city of Canberra where the 2013 Skate-Turion tournament was held.

This "crew patch" was distributed by Alt NSO Bert Hert with the Lansing Derby Vixens to the other alt officials at the 2018 WFTDA Playoffs in Atlanta.  I am uncertain if it was distributed to the Alt Refs (who were rotating in and out of OPR positions), or if it was reserved for Alt NSOs.

This appears to be a gift from the Roller Girls of the Apocalypse to their skating officials for their assistance during the 2014 season.  If anyone has more details or a picture of the NSO version, I'd love to hear from you.  Roller Girls of the Apocalypse is currently known as Kaiserslautern Roller Derby.

This is the patch of the Roller Girls of the Apocalypse's officiating crew, the Apocalyptic Army.  The RGA is currently known as Kaiserslautern Roller Derby.

Arbitros Roller Derby Bogota is a more localized version of Arbitros Roller Derby Colombia.  It provides support and information for officials working in the Botoga metropolitan area.

Arbitros Roller Derby Colombia is an association of Colombian officials dedicated to improving their officiating skills at the local, national, and international levels.

Aribitros (referees) Roller Derby Occidente is a Colombian organization of... referees?  officials?  I'm not entirely sure.  They do have a private Facebook group of which I'm not a member, although I dunno if they're still active.  Either way, I'd love a better picture of this patch for the website.

I'm not entirely sure of the background of this patch.  I know it's a men's roller derby officiating organization of some sort in Colombia as I've seen a men's league thank the women of ARDMCOL for making their game possible.  I suspect ARDMCOL is short for Arbitros (referees) Derby Men's of Colombia, but I may have that a bit off.  I do know RD Masculino translates to "Men's Roller Derby".  Anyone who can provide a bit more information would be appreciated.

This is the patch for the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby's officiating crew, the Arguenots.

The Barcode Bandidos is the referee crew at Saskatoon Roller Derby League.

This crew patch is distributed by Bert Hert with the Lansing Derby Vixens to members of her crew at tournaments.

This patch refers to the original verbal cue for low blocking, "tripping".  The referee is making the hand signal for low blocking / tripping.

The Brat Patrol is the officiating crew with Seattle Derby Brats.

This crew patch was distributed to the officiating crews of Killabrew and John Brawls at the 2019 WFTDA Championships in Montreal.

Skywalkers is the name of Brusssels Derby Pixie's NSO crew.

This is the patch of Brussels Derby Pixies' officiating crew... maybe?  The patch says officials, but there's another patch for NSOs and this is in referee colors.

The Bardbitros are the officiating crew of Buenos Aires Roller Derby.  "Bard" is the acronym for the league, and "bitros" means "biters" in Spanish.  The Little Shop of Horrors-style flower is a symbol of Buenos Aires Roller Derby.

This is the patch of Queen City Roller Girls' officiating crew, the Buffalo Herd.  The inside joke there being the league is centered in Buffalo, New York.

This is the patch of Queen City Roller Girls' officiating crew, the Buffalo Herd.

Note that this is not the same patch as their other officiating patch.  The fabric is a different color, and this appears to have an irregular shape.

I can't tell if both patches in this picture have the same or different colored helmets.  They look a bit different in this photo but it's really had to tell.  Until I can verify they're different thread colors, I'll consider them to be the same patch.

I'm told The Zoo was an unsuccessful officials' organization in Canada.  (If anyone has any more information I'd be glad to add it here.)