These patches memorialize skaters, officials, announcers, etc. who are no longer with us.

This patch really needs to be in two categories: event and memorial.  Event-wise, this is a patch for the winning team at the 2011 MADE tournament, Colossal Coastal Roller Expo.  Memorial-wise, this patch in honor of Judy ("The Polish Ace") Sowinski, a vintage derby banked track skater who served as coach of Penn Jersey Roller Derby between 2005 and 2011.  In her heyday she was a repeat MVP and captain of the New York Bombers.  She is deeply missed by the generation of skaters she trained. More information about Judy can be found on the Penn Jersey Roller Derby history page.

I don't know a lot about Expresso, but am told he was a referee affiliated with KC (Kansas City) Men's Roller Derby.  He had a heart condition that flared up during practice resulting in him collapsing and dying.  Derby friend Stormy created the Expresso Award in Officiating given out during a local tournament, and sold this patch to raise funds for the award.

This is the memorial patch of Sophie ("Harmstrong") Armstrong.  She was a 21 year-old jammer with Wirral Roller Derby when she lost her battle with mental illness in 2016.  She remains deeply mourned by friends and teammates, who created this patch in her honor.  More than GBP 7,200 pounds were raised my friends, family, and teammates in her memory.


Kenobiwan Jenobi was a skater with Race City Rebels.  He was murdered in 2017 in a case that remains unsolved to this day.  He was a popular skater and a member of the Queer Men's Derby Network and remains deeply  mourned by the friends and family he left behind.

This patch was created in tribute to Louise Rider of Nottingham Roller Derby.  She was killed in a cycling accident in 2014.  In honor of her passing Nottingham began holding a tournament - the Louisey Rider Cup -- to raise money for the road safety charity Brake. Over the years the tournament has raised more than 10,000 British pounds for the cause.

This is the memorial patch for Luna Lovewound from Burning River Roller Derby (then Burning River Rollergirls) who died of a brain aneurysm at a league practice. Niki was a recent member of one of their B team, the Pyromaniacs. According to Burning River's tribute page, she loved Harry Potter books, drawing, styling hair, and spending time with her friends and family.  She was also one of their four finalists during a "full contact musical chairs" event at a charity bout. She drew the logo for the Pyromaniacs, so they felt it only fitting the logo become a part of her tribute patch.

Moe Kunkle founded the Rocket Girls Junior Roller Derby League (currently known as Rocket City Rebels Junior Roller Derby).  He was an active part of the league until he lost his battle with depression in 2016.   The junior league issued these patches to everyone in the league, both adults and juniors.  The junior version of hte patch has a green font and border for their team color.  The "seniors" (adults? not sure) received the same patch in blue.  All teams skate with these patches on their uniforms in honor of his contributions to the league and in memory of his passing.


Mary "Rage'ing Blokaholic" Byrnes was a skater with the Burning River Roller Girls who died in a car accident in 2014. She was a rising star in the league who played for several teams including the all-stars, and who swept numerous awards at the awards banquet a month prior to her death.  The league chose to honor her passing with this patch, and many skaters from the league went on to wear her write her number on their calves in honor of what she meant to them. A memorial page is available on the Burning Rivers website.