After long thought, I'd decided to merge this website and my collection into a single history project.

I have several  hundred patches in my personal collection.  During any other year, the rate of new patches being released would be as fast or faster than I can acquire them.  Even if I had the budget to buy those available sale (and I don't), there are many patches that money can't buy.

This is where you come in.   I'm asking for donations of patches -- I've always asked for donations, but I'm doubling down now.  I'm asking for donations of derby patches to the history project.  In return I promise that someday upon my death they will be bequeathed to a suitable roller derby history project.  In that way our leagues, events, and accomplishments in the sport can live on in some small fashion long after all of us are gone.

I'll accept donations of any patch.  Even those I have are welcome -- I can trade them with other collectors for ones not yet in the collection.  But if you prefer donating only those I don't have yet, I'm happy to work with you to identify which patches you can donate I don't yet possess.)

All I can offer in return is my thanks, a shout out on this website, and the knowledge this collection will serve to preserve an aspect of roller derby for future generations to enjoy.

As always, my address is:

Stephen Lorimor
50 Springholm Drive
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922