Just a heads up on some of the patch pictures this site is missing.  I'd be very grateful if you'd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pictures of any of the following.

Note: I'm keeping this list up-to-date, so if you see it on the list then I still need it.

Missing (events)

  • Wild West 2013 (officiating)
  • Spring Roll 2011 (non-officiating)

Missing British Championship Patches

  • 2015 ("official" version)
  • 2016 ("head" and "official" versions)
  • 2017 ("official", "skater", and "head" versions)

Missing MRDA Patches

  • 2017 EU Qualifier (non-officiating) patches
  • 2018 Champs (non-officiating) patch

Missing WFTDA Patches

  • 2019 North America East Continental Cup (non-officiating) patch
  • 2019 Playoffs in Seattle and Winston-Salem (non-officiating) patches
  • 2018 North American Continental Cups East and West (non-officiating) patches
  • 2016 Playoffs in Madison (non-officiating) patch
  • 2015 Playoff in Jacksonville (non-officiating) patch
  • 2013 Playoff in Salem (officiating) patch
  • 2012 Champs (non-officiating) patch
  • 2012 South Central (officiating) patch
  • 2010 South Central Regional (officiating) patch
  • 2009 East Regional event (non-officiating) patch
  • 2008 Western Regional (non-officiating) patch