These patches recognize a specific game, series of games, or multi-day event.  Most do not specify a target audience or are designed for officials, but there are a few intended for announcers, photographers, skaters, volunteers, etc.

This was a special night-before-their-wedding bout with teams lead by Scald Eagle and Lady Trample.  The loser of the game agreed to take on the surname of the winner.  Scald Eagle's team won 200-197.  The event featured lots of derby stars (current and retired), and the officials were a mix between local officials and wedding guests.

This event was hosted by Motherlode Area Derby.  Formerly it was hosted by High Country Mountain Derby Girls.  I'm unsure if this is an evolution of the same league or not.

Attack of the C Squads is hosted by Motherlode Area Derby.

RuhrPott Roller Girls (now RuhrPott Roller Derby) vs. Vienna Roller Girls (now Vienna Roller Derby).  The text is a play on the German word "wiener" which means both "citizen of Vienna" and "Vienna sausage".