(This post is periodically updated. If a patch is listed below, I don't have it yet.)

This website is officially open and ready for viewing.  It contains pictures of more than 1700 derby patches and we're missing many more.

Here are some I know are missing. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pictures of any of the following:

Missing (events)

  • Wild West 2013 (officiating)
  • Spring Roll 2011, 2013 (non-officiating)

Missing (regions)

  • Multiple patches from Alaska and Hawaii
  • Most patches from Mexico, Central America, and South America

Missing MRDA Patches

  • 2017 EU Qualifier and Champs (non-officiating) patches
  • 2018 Champs (non-officiating) patch
  • 2018 EU Qualifier (non-officiating) patch

Missing WFTDA Patches

  • Both 2018 North American Continental Cups event (non-officiating) patches
  • 2016 Playoffs in Madison, and Lansing event (non-officiating) patches
  • 2015 Playoff in Jacksonville event (non-officiating) patch
  • 2015 Playoff in Tucson (officiating) patch
  • 2013 Playoff in Salem (officiating) patch
  • 2012 Champs (non-officiating) patch
  • 2012 South Central (officiating) patch
  • 2012 North Central (non-officiating) patch
  • 2010 South Central Regional (officiating) patch
  • 2009 East Regional event (non-officiating) patch
  • 2009 West Regional officiating patches (if it exists)
  • 2008 Western Regional (non-officiating) patches